Saturday, July 22, 2006


So this week the challenge was flowers. I drug around all week and just couldn't get something down on paper. Finally last night I sketched from a magazine picture, a portion of a majolica platter.......I kind of like it but admit I've got a long way to go from a technical standpoint.


Christeen said...

Congrats on starting a new blog, and for starting a forray into your own creative self nurturing!
I was struck by the way some of your comments about your own work are so tentative- you're darn near apologising to your viewers for not being better at what you want to do! Relax!
It's a process for all of us- and you have every right to enjoy it and be proud of each of your endeavors. I think your work is charming, and fresh with an exploratory kind of fun about it.
You might try describing what you're going for with each thing you post, mentioning what you're learning or struggling with, and asking for technical advice if you think you need it. But otherwise, keep on impressing with your responses to the challenges! No apologies necessary! I'm really looking forward to witnessing your creative evolution :)

Funky Art Queen said...

This is very good. Much detail. Is it watercolor? And, Yes, I sell my work. There is a link to my ebay shop on my blog on the side! I could not figure out how to email you so I just commented here. Thanks for your kind comments on my work!