Thursday, April 21, 2011

I was six once and oh so creative !!!!

What are your earliest memories of creativity?  How old were you?  What was the triggering event, person, whatever?

So this box above originally housed a block of Velveeta cheese (man cave cooking at his finest).  I nearly threw it out.  But as my fingers touched the cardboard it was a flood of memories that met me.  All the way back to probably around six years old.  I remember being at my grandmothers house (I lived with her about 3/4 time) and holding an empty oatmeal box.  You know the one with that cheerful man on the front!  Oh that box was so cool and I can remember thinking that there MUST be some really rockin' thing I could do with that box.  Wow, a blast of memory about creativity......There was  a lot of fertile ground in me back then......

So.  I'm not going to throw this box out.  I don't know if I'll actually do something with it or not, but I do know that it will occupy a special place in my studio as a reminder that I am creative and fertile and full of possibility.

What about you?  I'd love to hear about your creative beginnings.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Oh to be six again!

When was the last time you got such  a cute easter basket.   My granddaughter Iris is six, I think she'll be a happy girl.  A bike bell, butterfly bath fizzie, sunglasses, hello kitty pez, barbie toothbrush, and of course chocolate!  I used tulle instead of that grass that the cat eats and throws up in front of the dinner guests.  Instead there will be glitter everywhere...a reasonable trade off don't you think?

The garden is in full on grow mode.  I noticed barn swallows for the first time yesterday. Even the little lizards are out and around.

How goes it in your world?

Friday, April 15, 2011

The AV PowerShopper

My friend Annette Vallejos makes these really cool little clutches.  There is a place for a cell phone, cards, cash. We've been calling it the PowerShopper. No more dragging the purse around! You can bet I will be logging some serious miles with this little baby!

Back to Annette, she's the most industrious person I know.  Aside from making tons of cool stuff her main focus is jewelry made from colored pencils.  They seem to be pretty popular.  You should go on over to her website and check her out !!