Friday, August 25, 2006


These little flowers are going in a pot on my patio. They grow into large bushes here in New Mexico and as I plan to drop him in the ground, I'm hopeful I'll have one of those large rounded lovely soft purple bushes in my yard some day.

I really enjoy sitting out on my patio, watching the birds scout around the neighborhood for their evening meal. And what few plants I have thus far really bring me so much joy.

I've started landscaping my yard and while I have a good long way to go, I'm enjoying it ~ just one bush at a time. So far I've tried to keep it to drought tolernt items, but those roses are really calling to me. With a long expanse of cream colored brick wall across the full width of the yard, it is so tempting to plant climing roses in various colors.....they would look so pretty.

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