Thursday, October 12, 2006


This past weekend we attended the Abiquiu Studio Tour. New Mexico is simply the most soulful and artful and colorful place on earth. I took so many wonderful pictures and enjoyed being is the soft autumn air. The art was fun to see but most of all the surroundings inspired me in many ways that I can't begin to articulate. My brain is on fire with ideas and concepts for expressing life in art.

The lady in the picture made the best tamales I have ever had. We sat outdoors at long tables in the autumn sun and the food tasted so vibrant.

Here in New Mexico the churches are filled with wonder. They transmit the prayers of the ages, all the parishners who walked through those doors over the years, to pray for help, to ask forgivness, to express thanks. The adobe is so smooth and sensual to the touch and so easy on the eye. No wonder people flocked to their warm and protective confines. Like being cradled in the earth mother's big warm arms.

The horno is an altered photo. I've painted it in sparkling water color paints. The horno or "oven" is loaded with hot coals and empbers and plump round loaves of bread are baked in them. We were lucky to come along just as the loaves were being taken out. What a treat to have a warm loaf of bread in the car. We'd brought along some different cheeses and they complimented the bread so wonderfully. Here in New Mexico it is common to see the horno in the back yard of homes. This is an Indian custom

This was truly a sensual experience. Felt with all the senses. My spirit sang for a day.

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Linda said...

Wow, must have been a great day. And I adore the photos, and your altered art - wonderful. Something I keep meaning to do, altering a photo with paints. Seeing yours inspires me. Thank you!