Friday, February 02, 2007


This heart adorned with a crown of thorns is taken from the many retablos seen here in New Mexico. I made it in honor of a man who died of a heart attack nearly a year ago and his son still greiving the loss of his father.

Life is complicated.

The grief process is something I've experienced. It is a unique pain in the heart that I don't wish on anyone.

In a busy world we tend to forget the tender, sacred joys of living and loving well. It isn't about money, prestige or who you know. The grief process causes us a moment of pause wherein lies the pit of all there is, the chance to let the pain transform our lives. If we rest in that pause, if for just one moment we can breathe through that pain, we might learn, grow and sometimes even learn to embrace the change. It can be something like childbirth. Some do that, some don't.

Life if complicated.

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tongue in cheek said...

I lived in Pecos by Santa fe for three years.

I believe in what you said here. Breath through the pain.