Friday, May 25, 2007


My son Dallas is such a sweeteheart. Last night I called to talk just as he was arriving home from work. He's an electrician and had been crawling around in a building all day and was covered with dust. My daughter-in-law, Cherise always makes the comment that Dallas works very hard. I believe it.

So this post today shows a little postcard I made for Cherise. Hopefully Dallas will get to kick back during this extended weekend and relax. Although with a 2 1/2 year old daughter jetting around the house, that idea can sometimes be just that "an idea".

Have a great weekend. Love those you love. Eat something fun. Laugh. Smile. Make the world go around.


Linda said...

Both of my sons have three children each. There isn't much relaxation when they are home but I'm sure they are never bored.

tongue in cheek said...

Relax is a forgotten word when yound ones are around.
Maybe working is his moment to relax:)

Cute painting!!