Wednesday, June 20, 2007


These gals are armed and ready to kick some tail !!

Are those chapps made of fur or has it been a while since their last shave?

This was the very first postcard I ever made for my daughter-in-law and I still really love it.

So, my charge to you is get out there and live life like you plan to kick butt today. Make it good. Make it memorable. You only get "today" once.


Merisi said...

Ok. Ok. I will be good, do as you say. Having dinner outdoors, at some cafe', I shall be on the lookout for another cute waiter. Or two? *giggle*

Linda said...

Hard to do, but I try to do it each day. Funny how we keep forgetting to live in the moment and enjoy each thing that comes our way.

andrea said...

I love these cowgirls though you're right: a shave is in order!

tica said...

Dig those pants!