Friday, April 25, 2008


A happy bird today.

The birds are back. Just like clockwork, the days have warmed, the trees are greening and every morning I have a serenade of birds.

We live in a very arid part of the country. The American Southwest is known for it's hight desert horizons and blazing sunsets. And yes it is beautiful in that way. I love it. However our little neighborhood is like an oasis. Lots of vegetation and trees so the birds are naturally attracted to the area.

Sometime I wish I could freeze them in flight so I can get a better look at how to draw them. Yeah, I know, I could get a book with lots of pictures of birds but somehow there isn't as much joy in that idea. So I'll keep sitting out on my back patio, enjoying the birds.


Annie said...

I have a bird feeder too and I love watching them, they are so wonderful :-).

Cestandrea said...

I guess we are all drawn to birds, aren't we? I love this one, so delicate!

A Kite Rises said...

A lovely post Paula..I too have been birdwatching, especially a pair of swifts that have just arrived in my neighbourhood (they overwinter in Africa and arrive here in April). They are a joy to behold. I also loved the post with the bard and the inserted wagon wheel art - when I am out and about again I will take your challenge to find art in my local world : ) Thanks for lovely mind wanderings inspired by this blog visit..