Thursday, May 29, 2008


A driveway along Rio Grande Blvd.
Albuquerque, NM
Paula's photo - 2007

Some folks here call these fire lilies. I've always known them as Red Hot Pokers. I planted a few last year and then promptly drowned them. This year I started over with three and so far they are looking mighty fine. We'll see.

I always make a point of going down this street to admire this driveway lined with such a fabulous display.

I've been vacationing this week. Well sort of. I took the week off from work and have been enjoying my garden, hanging out at home, puttering favorite pass time.

Made my first ever abstract painting. My husband isn't wild about it. He wouldn't say he didn't like it, but hey, I can tell. I happen to think it is pretty cool and I felt a lot of satisfaction while making it. Somehow I just felt settled and comfortable when working on it. I'll post it in a day or two for you all to comment on.

Oh and after what must be 2-3 years, I dug out the bag of gourds I've been hoarding. I hope you'll like what I did with them !!!! Stop by tomorrow !!! I'll show you !


Annie said...

Paula, you should see my first abstract paintings I did 25 years ago, well you can't because I threw them away :-). They were awful. I can't wait to see yours and the gourds!

Kim said...

Oh now Paula, you are a major tease!

I am very eager to see your abstract. Aren't they the greatest fun and the most relaxing to do? I find they are like painting a meditation. And, you can't go by what your husband tells you. My husband never gets my paintings...seriously. He tries with all his might, but he just can't grasp it. I think you will find there are quite a few people who have spouses like that! :) Of course, he means nothing by it, he just can't get his head around it.

Now best friend has a great interest in gourds. I am eager to see what you do with I have to wait until tomorrow, uh? Darn!

Now these Red Hot Pokers...are very cool! I should look into planting them here...I am not good with watering things. I try hard, though. I am not sure I have ever over watered. I also like this driveway...mmmm, would you consider a painting of them?

Fun and fabulous post, I can't wait until tomorrow!

Kim said...

Or Paula, how about painting WITH a Red Hot Poker? You might get some seriously wonderful painting with that!

You sure do get me thinking....