Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Studio Photos and Creative Thoughts

Santa Fe Eggplants - Violet
14 x 18 gallery wrap canvas
Paula ~ 2008
(click image to enlarge)

I like showing you my art with photos
from my studio - it just
seems more natural and creative
to display them on the easel

I'm on a bit of a roll here with these
acrylic on canvas abstracts

The blue one in the background
was my first installment
in this series

What do you think?

What feelings arise in you
when you view this art?

Am I out to lunch?

Have I tilted in the wind
just a bit too far?

For some reason these paintings
help me to relax and just let
my creativity flow.

And, on the topic of

Just yesterday Kim over at
Creating Space
were exchanging emails and
she really got me to thinking about
creativity - a lot of questions came up for me

Where does creativity originate?
What is creativity? Just art, or maybe also
cooking, science, music, mowing your lawn?
Who epitomizes creativity for you?
Jackson Pollack, Salvadore Dali,
Tiger Woods,
Bill Gates?

I can't begin to know the answers
but I'd sure love to know what
your thoughts are on the subject
of creativity !!!

Maybe it is the idea of so
few rules, maybe it is the
idea of "fun"...........

I'd like to know
what you think!


Kim said...

Wow Paula! This is another of your lovely posts...and I adore your abstract paintings! I am fond of the lavender painting, but I really love them both. I can see why they make you feel so good, because they make me feel good as well. This series is really fabulous and works very well. I really like the way you grade the hues and work with these colors. I also think the lavender one is quite full of those hues which are just on the edge of warm and cool....and that is appealing. Great Work...keep going. I think you are dead on here, Paula...no worries about being too wind tilted! :)

Thank you so much for the link back here. I appreciate that a lot!

Creativity...a topic I adore:

I don't think you can find your own creativity unless you can find time for quiet and listening to your heart. I think there are quite a few artisans out there who have incredible technique, but who are not necessarily all that creative. You also have to be inquisitive and patient to be creative. Anyone in any area can be creative, I think. I hate mundane tasks...I really hate them. I also hate being told HOW something must be accomplished. I think that is because usually I don't approach mundane things creatively and because being told how to do something is following some other person not my creative way of doing it.

Who epitomizes creativity for me? Oh gosh...who? There are so many people...we all know them and only I know them. I have a highly creative daughter...who is pretty great. I love the American Abstract Expressionistic painters...they were quite creative. There are many ancient creative artists...think of the underlying messages in some of those old paintings. I think Alexander Calder is a super creative sculptor as are many others.

Oh, when someone can see things in new ways or in different ways that is creativity for me...but it is so much deeper than that, isn't it?

Now Paula, I am going to be thinking about this post all day! :)

Oh yes...I think you are pretty darn creative...look at those paintings and my god, read this post!

Thanks, my friend!

sukipoet said...

Hi Paula. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love these paintings which are both relaxing and contemplative at the same time as they seem to move to me. Those circles swaying in the wind.

good questions about creativity. I know one thing, I agree with Kim about being told how to do something. Tell me the end product you want and let me get there my own way even if I end up with an end product totally different from what you asked for. I had a hard time growing up with my control freak mom because she would stand behind me and tell me do this do that each step of the way. Maybe that's why I like to be set free on my own to explore and discover my own path.

Gardening can be creative, cooking,parenting,being a scientist can be creative. At one point i read a lot of books about creativity and found them fascinating. the way the brain works. The refusal to accept "givens." Or maybe not refusal but just overlooking givens because one has a path one wants to follow that is a magnet and who cares about how it is supposed to be done.

Anonymous said...

Sante Fe Eggplant for lunch?

Your paintings remind me of stabiles, swaying. They are peaceful and calming. I've been tending my garden and finding inspiration among the leaves and flowers.

Cestandrea said...

Paula, Hi, and wow, your questions, the answers!
First I just wanted to say that I love this series, these calm shapes and colours, and still find them very textile. I can imagine a cute little dress with this as a rather bold and big print:)

But it must look great on a white wall too, very ZEN.

Creativity, oh my, what a vast subject. I feel unable to answer that, can only shape some ideas, like: perhaps it is giving birth to something? An idea, words, gestures, images that existed in your head and which you translate then into something else...


Annie said...

I love your new abstracts and I am so happy you are expanding your creativity. For me all things are creative, it just depends on the attitude while doing it. Gardening is just as creative as painting and
you can even be creative while taking a run(I can't really explain how, but you can :-).