Saturday, March 07, 2009

More on Faith ~ Mixed Media Art

The Sunday School Sisters

The Spring Nest


Seth said...

Great pieces. The second one is so, so organic looking!

Anonymous said...

Oh! These are wonderful.

miz katie said...

aw! i hear you, paula. i feel isolated every day, believe me. but never fear..i'm always just an email away. :) Any time..

Annie said...

Wonderful-so happy you had some sales :-).

miz katie said...

this is my reply to your comment..i wrote it in both places, just to clear things up. i hope, anyway..

haha! greg just told me that all my friends are going to think i’m talking about their blog. i said,’re probably right..didn’t think about it that way. and..sure enough.. you thought i was talking about your blog.

seriously though, the blog i was writing about was not written by someone i have ever communicated with. i highly doubt they even knew i was linking to them. it just made me re-think the whole link page thing, and decide to do things differently..that’s all.

miz katie said...

woman, i was visiting your blog today..and yesterday, too..actually. came back to look at close ups of your two newest pieces again. so there!! :)~ just try and keep me away. ha! i don't always comment, and you may not even see me leaving any tracks because i read through google reader..but i'm keeping an eye on you. :)

kansas really is a beautiful place. as much as i thought i hated it before i moved, well..i was very wrong. i actually missed it when i was surrounded by the mountains. surprised the heck out of me. now, if only i could move all the wv people here...ah! that would be so nice.

i have A LOT of pictures of Waldron. Beautiful abandoned buildings..i will have to post some more soon. i only wish i had had a better camera at the time. the picture aren't as good as i would like them to be.