Friday, June 05, 2009

SHINE !!!!

12 X 24
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I've got a lot of stuff going on here,
but then life and nature is
like that.


donna said...
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Paula Scott said...

Yes, life and nature is like that, isn't it? I love this! And the significance of the number 5 that keeps appearing is???

Kim said...

Oh Paula, this is so much fun! I love your compositions and sense of color so much...then you bring in that uniquely Paula texture and voila...a true Paula sensation! You have done it again, girl!

Hon, I so get that with a lot of stuff going on! Me Too!

Hugs to you!



miz katie said...

aw..bakersfield?! but, that's so far away. i'm so sorry, paula. i can only imagine how you must feel.

miz katie said...

well, you were bright eyed and bushy tailed first thing this morning. :) i can see you're not letting things get you down. you're right, though. nothing can stop you from being close to your kids. you won't let matter how far away they live. i've always been close to my mother, even though i haven't lived in nh for years now. but, she always made the effort to keep in touch no matter what, and i'm sure you will do the same. you've got the right attitude.

oh, and thanks for commenting about my video. i have another one to post in a is getting easier..if the software didn't keep crashing on me, it would be even better. i think that's what took so long yesterday. i lost all my editing and video 3 times in a crash. grr!!!

i need to go eat breakfast now. you made me hungry. yeah, i know, it's 1pm. i never eat meals on time. heh i can't be tied down to a schedule. too scatter-brained. i ate dinner at about midnight last night. hm..actually, i think i'll have a salad. i can't think of anything breakfast-like in the fridge. lalala off i go..

oh, way would i give away lola. we have been talking about giving fred away, though. but, we've done that for years now. ha! he would just be so much happier with kids to play with. that dog is crazy about kids, especially boys. so, if the right people ever come along, we will part ways with fred. we're not actively looking to give him away..but if it happens, it happens.