Monday, October 26, 2009

Oh, what is life and floating amid debris in the abyss......

So does that title lead you believe I've gone off the deep end?

Well sometimes I think I have in a way.

Still holding down the day job. And yes, yes, I know many of you are smacking me up side the head because any job is good these days.......I know, I know. But today was one of those days where I wished for another life. For days in my studio. For no controversy. For happiness in those around me. For abundance (of any kind, really).

And yes, yes, I know there is plenty to be thankful for. The job of course, without which I would not be able to afford much if anything, and would not be planning a trip to visit my delightful grand daughter in January.

blah, blah, blah..............I guess I'm just feeling cranky today.

Oh! Wait ! Something is actually cool. My son (who is 32) recently read The Grapes of Wrath. I'd not read it since, well, forever. So last week I got a used copy and started reading. Such a powerful story. If you've not read this since a teacher held a gun to your head, I encourage you to give it a, but things sure look different as an adult. A good read.

When can I possibly know?

How will I ever feel?

Will the waiting ever end?????

And if so, what color will it be????

Just some things to think about for today. I'd really love your comments if you are so inclined.


Paula Scott said...

This may sound kooky, but I kinda 'get it' as to where your head is at in this post. I wonder if it something that is going on in the Universe or just in my head! I don't know.
The job thing...oh, if only we did not need money to survive! Sometimes the work environment is so toxic that trying to strike a balance between work and life is almost impossible or requires superhuman efforts.
And the conflict that comes with questioning if one should stay or move on...

hash1712 said...

I so understand, work interfers with my life too! But there were times when I worked with such clever people that going there was a joy. Why is it those people seem to move on and the horrible ones stay? Oh, wait, I've stayed too. I'll have to reconsider my last statement.