Saturday, January 09, 2010


elanor loved bingo, originally uploaded by Paula S In New Mexico.

My grandmother loved bingo. I went with her on many occasions. I remember a huge woman sitting across from us who kept her cash in her bra......I was amazed. I miss my grandmother. She sure loved bingo.


Lille Diane said...

My Grandma loved bingo, too. I miss her everyday. weird thing is now I like bingo, too. =]

Leau said...

I love this too!

diane said...

Oh, Paula...I haven't visited in awhile, and I have missed sooooo much! I had to stop here, as I scrolled down looking at your BEAUTIFUL art!
I miss and loved my grandmother (Josie) so much!
I absolutely love to play grandmother never had the $$ to go play bingo I'm sure. And, anyway, she had 13 children to raise!
So, back to your art! I love what you have been amaze me =) If I were closer to you, I would come play....