Monday, March 26, 2018

Hi there!

Below is my latest piece ~ #2 in a series of three "Transformation". 

This is 20 x 20 acrylic, handmade stencils and collage material, graphite mark making on 300lb watercolor paper mounted on 1.5 cradled wood panel.  Ready to hang on your wall with no frame needed.

I thought I'd take a moment to talk about values.  I've included a color image and a black and white image so you can see the variety of values that present themselves in this painting.  There are some very light areas, some mid-range areas and then of course some very dark areas.  You could also use the term "contrast" but I think in the art world we usually refer to this as values or grayscale.   Effective use of values gives your painting that punch it needs to be interesting to the eye.  Although this piece seems to be heavy on the mid to light values, I think it still works. 

I'm a little conflicted about the placement of the smaller circles......even though there is an odd number of smaller circles, it still seems off to me.  So maybe this piece needs to rest a bit more so I can process the circle placement.......but I also think I could be close to hmmmmmm......WHAT DO YOU THINK??????

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