Monday, September 25, 2006


My friend and co-worker Sandy was convinced I should enter some art in the State Fair. So much so that she offered to make the entry for me.

Well much to my delight, I came away with a third place ribbon !!!!!

I am so proud of this acheivement !

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I have been sending one hand made postcard to my dear friend Colleen for several weeks now and it just occured to me that I should be posting them or at least taking a photo of each prior to sending them off......guess there's some catching up to do.

So anyway, here is the current week's installment. For some reason I thought the lavender bird here had a Jack Nicholson type of expression. So "JACK AND FIRENDS".


This past weekend I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Eric Luplow, a water color artist who has been such wonderful inspiration for me. I love his color and his joyous and quirky approach to his art. I only see Eric but once a year so endeavor to make the most of my few moments with him. This year he was very encouraging about my art and helpful with ideas about marketing my work. As a small "thank you" to Eric, I created this piece and sent it to him. Long story about those magic plaid shorts.

If you get a chance, visit Eric I'm sure you'll like his work.