Wednesday, August 30, 2006

5 CUP SALAD !!!!

When my son Dallas was just a little guy he liked to help prepare dinner. This 5 Cup Salad was just perfect. All I had to do was open a couple of cans and he would do the rest.

This recipe card is one of 10 I made for a swap with Everyday Matters members. Each card was a different style cup and color combination. They were all bright and cheerful, just like those days with my little tyke.

Try this recipe, you'll love it. And it will taste even better if one of your kids makes it !

Friday, August 25, 2006


These little flowers are going in a pot on my patio. They grow into large bushes here in New Mexico and as I plan to drop him in the ground, I'm hopeful I'll have one of those large rounded lovely soft purple bushes in my yard some day.

I really enjoy sitting out on my patio, watching the birds scout around the neighborhood for their evening meal. And what few plants I have thus far really bring me so much joy.

I've started landscaping my yard and while I have a good long way to go, I'm enjoying it ~ just one bush at a time. So far I've tried to keep it to drought tolernt items, but those roses are really calling to me. With a long expanse of cream colored brick wall across the full width of the yard, it is so tempting to plant climing roses in various colors.....they would look so pretty.

Thursday, August 10, 2006


I just love the idea of sitting in a street cafe somewhere in Italy, having a coffee with my lover. Maybe some rolls and fruit. I imagine the tourists hurrying to their destinations while the rest of us amble our way through the day, content to let life unfold on it's own schedule.

For some reason this image really sparks my imagination.

Could it be Italy? Or maybe France?

Who enjoyed this time together? Did they plan to have a baby or quarrel about secret lovers and eventually part ways? Was it Henry and June? Or... Griffin and Sabine??


My first venture in rose growing. My friend Lisa gave me the yellow rose which I've name Henry. It was pretty sick and has really perked up since I've planted it. The lovely little pink one I got at the local garden center and I've named her June. Guess now I need a red one name Anais. I'm really loving this adventure in gardening and I'm thinking about getting two more that will be named Griffin and, life sure is great.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


This represents the final page to Colleen's book. It is a map of her life in Santa Fe. The house on Zia Road West, a visit to Swig with a friend, attending the pueblo celebrations over the holidays and of course, is a golden road if we wish it to be.......and may we never have to wonder ~ "are we there yet?"