Monday, August 27, 2007


New Mexico is full of amazing things. Less than an hour from my front door is this beautiful place. From where I stand in this photo, I am in the middle of an extinct volcano cone...........we saw the most amazing blue birds and a huge herd of elk with fabulous antlers. A wildlife preserve that I am so grateful we have here.

It was cool and misty. A beautiful day.

Then back to the city and 90 degree temps...the evening cooled down, the rain came. We sat out on our patio discussing our future amid the most amazing lightening storm and a soft rain. The garden smelled wonderful. Can you tell??????????? I had a great weekend. Sure hope you did.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

We have so many birds this summer. It is simply amazing.

Of course we purposely planted flowers that would attract hummingbirds. An boy did that ever work !

We've also had the joy of watching two Swifts nurture their five babies. I just love when mom and dad swoop in with food. Every little bird turns their head, opens their mouthes and cries "ME! ME! ME!"

For quite a few days we watched anxiously as the babies tried their wings. Finally off they went and we thought "well that's it". But they continued to return to the nest every evening, all crowding in and mom and dad ever watchful. Slowly, slowly they stayed away longer and longer until one day two new Swifts appeared and evicted the family from their little home. Two new swifts with three new eggs.

It's been a busy summer in our backyard !!!!!!

This all reminds me of the gentle ebb and flow of life. So much escapes our attention. In such a busy world one must make a point to stop, look, listen and enjoy the incredible miracle that this universe presents us with, every-single-moment.

Have a great day. Leave me a comment. I love to hear from you.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dreaming, sitting here at my desk, dreaming.
Wishing I were somewhere far away,
the South of France maybe. A small village
with blooming roses, cool mornings and warm
Skinny dipping with my sweetie. Floating on my back,
feeling the cool water rush around my face,
sunlight dancing amongh the leaves illuminating
through my eyelids.
Dreaming, dreaming...................*sigh*

Is it 4 yet? Oh gosh, just now 11:45, I have a long
way to go before I can steal away from this desk........