Thursday, August 16, 2007

We have so many birds this summer. It is simply amazing.

Of course we purposely planted flowers that would attract hummingbirds. An boy did that ever work !

We've also had the joy of watching two Swifts nurture their five babies. I just love when mom and dad swoop in with food. Every little bird turns their head, opens their mouthes and cries "ME! ME! ME!"

For quite a few days we watched anxiously as the babies tried their wings. Finally off they went and we thought "well that's it". But they continued to return to the nest every evening, all crowding in and mom and dad ever watchful. Slowly, slowly they stayed away longer and longer until one day two new Swifts appeared and evicted the family from their little home. Two new swifts with three new eggs.

It's been a busy summer in our backyard !!!!!!

This all reminds me of the gentle ebb and flow of life. So much escapes our attention. In such a busy world one must make a point to stop, look, listen and enjoy the incredible miracle that this universe presents us with, every-single-moment.

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Linda said...

We get swifts sailing high overhead and two large gray and brown birds who live below our house but I've never seen one hummingbird. Wish I did.

Merisi said...

There must be lots of birds in the garden here, but I mostly only hear them. Even the large ones are so very shy, I haven't managed to cature a good image, they seem to have eyes everywhere, as soon as I lift my camera, even ever so slowly, they are off.
I do miss the hummingbirds, we had so many of them visiting in Washington DC (they got their nectar from the flower on the deck, then flew up into the branches of the large old growth trees that extended over the deck. One would mistake them for leaves, if one didn't know and look carefully). Such beautiful creatures! We also had a pair or Carolina wrens, they built nests in our geranium pots, such beautiful nests, I wished I had kept one, they are a sight to behold.

andrea said...

We had a beautiful pair of Flickers in our yard this year but having a cat and dog keeps them away -- too much. I love watching the birds!