Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dreaming, sitting here at my desk, dreaming.
Wishing I were somewhere far away,
the South of France maybe. A small village
with blooming roses, cool mornings and warm
Skinny dipping with my sweetie. Floating on my back,
feeling the cool water rush around my face,
sunlight dancing amongh the leaves illuminating
through my eyelids.
Dreaming, dreaming...................*sigh*

Is it 4 yet? Oh gosh, just now 11:45, I have a long
way to go before I can steal away from this desk........


Linda said...

I'm sitting at my computer but not really day dreaming. I'm just so happy that the mistral has stopped blowing and that it has warmed up a bit. It was nippy this morning. I'm planning an outside cocktail type thingie Monday evening so it has to be perfect. If it's cold, I will have to clean my house as the guests will need to come in.

Merisi said...

11.45 am? Well, siesta time (at least in Italy)! Light lunch by the sea, un caffe', un sonnolino (a nap), back to work at 4pm. :-)

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

My door is open to you anytime you want to come visit. i am glad our paths have crossed.