Tuesday, January 29, 2008


18 x 20 mixed media gallery wrap canvas

For some bizarre reason it is nearly mid-night and I'm wide awake. This is so unlike me.

So how do you like the purple cat? I had such fun creating this piece. The silver heart in the middle of her tummy sports beautiful beads.

I like the halo. I'm always looking at those beautiful New Mexican retablos and they all have halos so I thought, this sweet cat should sport one too.

The process for this creation was particularly enjoyable. I love layering on the first pieces of paper, toning them down with color, painting the focal point and then the icing of beads on the heart just makes me smile.

I hope you like it too.


andrea said...

Love it! Quirky, cute, very original.

Shell said...

Wow! I haven't visited here for a while (sorry 'bout that! :)), and there's so much new work! I love the purple cat, it's beautiful. The paper layering in the background is really nice - I like the texture it gives. Such cool stuff happening here!

Rebecca Hickman: said...

This one's my favorite.

Cestandrea said...

You know what? I love everything on your blog, also the grey color which brings your paintings so marvelously forward.
I'll be back, and I'll put your bloglink into my fabourite bloglist if you don't mind, so that I will not forget you
have a wonderful weekend
Thanks for playing the Souvenirs game:)