Thursday, January 24, 2008


Birds are the spirits of love sitting at our window sill. Watching over us morning through night. Ever watchful that we are safe, warm, happy and loved. They are there even when we close our eyes pretending we don't see, we don't know or maybe even we don't care. No matter, the spirits of love are there hovering about patting our hearts, stroking our souls, drying our tears as a mother fusses over her baby.

Have you seen any birds at your window sills today? Have they landed in your hair, not noticed? Hmmmmm? Do you have your eyes closed ? Maybe so, but even still you must feel that soft, and tender warmth in your heart. You DO feel it, don't you?


Linda said...

I do get pigeons-real ones-at my windows here. I like to think there are spirits around me, helping me and wishing me well.

blueVicar said...

We recently had quite a persistent gray bird with a twitchy long tail on the railing of our deck...I think the water from the snow had melted on the railing and he was stealing little sips.

It was such a pleasure to regard him as he hopped along out there. We got out the bird book, but were never able to make a definite identification. Still, it didn't matter; a beauty.

And our bird feeder sits here in the house waiting for a break in the weather to offer a new source of repast for our feathered neighbors. I imagine them spying the goods in the window and thinking, "what is she waiting for? Hang that stuff out here!!"

Meilleurs voeux!!