Wednesday, July 16, 2008


For Pierre Delattre
Paula - 2007

I read somewhere that when the great masters trained their
students, that they would have the student copy one of
their paintings and it would be called "for Vermeer", or whomever
the master was......

There is an artist in Taos that I just love.

Pierre Delattre..........

His work is so full of joy and life.
I studied a very small corner of one of
his paintings and made this postcard painting from
what I saw. It was a fun process and I learned a lot
about my own style. Obviously I would NEVER copy
someone's work to sell .......

As I worked away on my little experiment, I thought about
Pierre and what he might have been thinking as he created
his paintings, where his inspiration came from, how he arrives
at his choices for color, is his life as joy-filled as his paintings,
does he only dream of such relationship
or is his life really like his work,
........good questions I will certainly ask
him the next time I'm in Taos !!!!

I encourage you to really look at those master's
works and attempt to learn from them.


Kim said...

Ohhh Paula!

How wonderful is this? It is true a lot of traditional art education works this way. I think it is cool how you have worked a corner of one of his paintings. And it looks great. I know you have probably heard this before, but even when you do this it is YOUR art! Because no matter what, you can't truly copy anyone's art...only work with their ideas! :)

Lovely, Paula!

Annie said...

I love his work too! For the same reason. He certainly seems joyful
whenever I see him. This is a wonderful painting and you should show it to him!

sukipoet said...

this is such a cool idea,Paula. I love the result. Yes, I think you should share it with him and ask those questions too. Fascinating. Take care,Suki