Thursday, July 31, 2008

AND FINALLY.............

PAULA ~ 2007

And finally,
the last but most certainly
not the least !!

This is Freckles,
her given name is
Francine but everyone in
the coop prefers "Freckles".
She's kind of shy,
she has a bit of a skin issue,
all those freckles have
brought her a lot of good hearted
teasing, alas she is a tender
and demure little chick and her
feelings get hurt easily.

I had a difficult time getting her
to agree to sit for the portrait,
and even then I had to keep getting
up from the easel to urge her back into
the room.........little sweetie that she is....

Anyone out there have advice for
boosting a chicks tender ego????


Elizabeth said...

Glad we have connected in chicken world!

Anonymous said...

Freckles is adorable. I also like the story you wrote introducing her.

Anonymous said...

I voted!

sukipoet said...

shouldnt that be a chickens tender eggs? Why does it say nestor at the top???

sukipoet said...

well now there is no nestor there. I must be having one of those days.

Kim said...

LOL Paula, this is really great. I am thinking maybe you are on to something here with these hens...oh, and the occasional rooster who thinks he runs things.

Andrea has her Metroheads and now you have the chickens. Mmmm, is there another blog in the making? I understand chickens and roosters are all the you have a shop for them? Oh, and maybe the eggs...have you done any egg paintings? Nest paintings? Oh, I have it! Coop decor! I don't know girl....think about it!

I love this coop of yours!

Kim said...

Ohhh, and Suki! Nestor was the name of one of the other hens!

andrea said...

Ooo -- I love Freckles!