Monday, September 22, 2008


Take Flowers Home To The Little Lady
Mixed Media on Board - 6 x 12
click image to enlarge

Don't know why,
I've got this thing
for birds.

The flowers are
something I've wanted
to try out.

Not much to say
about this except it
brought hours of
enjoyment for me.

I hope you enjoy it
too, and please leave
a comment. It is always
so nice to get your take
on my art.

Not sure if it is
finished yet.


Kim said...

...and it is always nice to come here and enjoy your art, Paula! The joy you received comes across loud and clear in this piece. While I don't "have a thing" for birds, I know they are very appealing to many people. What catches my eye is the wonderful flowers and the way you have with color and composition...and the way you have with FUN!

This is wonderful, Paula!

Thanks for painting it and thanks for sharing it here!

Denise S. said...

Your pictures are full of soul and you can see the New Mexico influence in your work.

Annie said...

I love this one the best! The flowers are wonderful and the bird is so sweet. Funny, I am just posting a little bird I took a photo of, I love them too.

qualcosa di bello said...

well, i am glad you have a "thing" for the birds...we are happily surrounded by them here & i enjoy their playful capture in your art!

Anonymous said...

Your artwork is interesting and beautiful. You're very talented.