Friday, September 05, 2008


What do you think should go
on the sign she stands next to???

Tell you what, be the person to
come up with the best phrase
for the sign and I'll award the
completed "Hollywood Hilda"
as a prize.

Right now she measures 6 x 12 inches,
so with a mat and frame,
that makes a pretty nice prize.

Keep in mind, there isn't
much room on that sign....
short and sweet.


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

This is adorable!

How about a sign that says:

creme brulee

(and an arrow under it pointing right)

or substitute chocolate cake for creme brulee

Cestandrea said...

oh, I can't find the right comment in words but I have this vision: I'd put a triangular cocktail glass with a martini dry (my favourite) on the sign, with a little sticker with two olives on one end and a little red heart on the other:)
I love her eyes and her red mouth, and her pearl necklace too:)
have a wonderful weekend

Anonymous said...

How 'bout this:

Hope, ME
Pop. 1310

(submitted by Brad Cutler)

sukipoet said...

Too cute. Ok, hope I can explain this. "Hollywood Hills A(l)titude 295' with the "L" lying on its side or fallen to the bottom of the sign. I googled Hollywood Hills Altitude to get the accurate number. :)

katie jane said...

"Will Sing for Money"

Kim said...

Hi Paula,

These ideas are really cute - you are going to have a hard time making a choice. I am really slow (left a message for this post on another one here).

You have presented a real about "Goin' My Way, Dahling?" Do you think that will fit on the sign?

Really cute, though...


Annie said...

I am all a blank, but I like the one "Will sing for money" that katie Jane sent in.

San said...

Paula, I'm getting here late, since I have not been able to load blogspot blogs on my work computer. Major bummer.

I've downloaded the enlarged image of Hilda to my home desktop now and will ponder the sign. Nothing hit me right away...when it does, I'll come back here, or if I can't get to your blog, I'll email...

What a great piece and what a fun contest!!!