Saturday, January 17, 2009


She started out as something that I meant to be all "pretty".
Ha !!!!!!!

Finally I gave up and let her be what she wanted to be.

We're all like that I think,
on one level trying to be the good person we think everyone expects,
then somewhere along the way things get a bit twisted, or so it seems
and we end up just being ourselves.

So "GOOD GIRL GONE BAD"......hmmmmmmmmmmmm
NoT gone bad really, except in the eyes of those who place high
expectation on us.

And we buy into that, sometimes.

Here we are in the early stages of a new year.

I'd like to suggest that we not always buy into those expectations
and go with what is US, YOU, ME, WE..........................

Because I happen to think that is where the magic lives !!!!!

Have a great day, be BAD and let the magic happen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Annie said...

I love her! I have always been a bad girl :-). Lovely post Paula, I needed that.

Cestandrea said...

She IS all pretty!