Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Quiet Day........................

Abandoned by Audrey the Studio Cat !!!!
I think she is mad because I've shooed
her out of the way......she needs to be
in the middle of all the

Quiet day here.
Still working on those fun
paperclay girls.
Those little girls are really
hard to do !!!! But I'm
having a lot of fun and learning
a lot about facial features
and I think it will be a good
exercise in improving my
painting skills.

After such cold weather we are
having a bit of a heat wave here in
New Mexico and I'm lovin' it.
Outside my office window is a big field
where three Sandhill Cranes have been
hanging out. We've named them
Larry, Mo and Curly.
I wonder what they've named us !!!!
Those birds are beautiful and I'm
thinking that capturing their mystery
in a painting would be an
interesting challenge.

Tonight is the first night of "Lost" and
I'm not a huge tv junkie but I do get
caught up in this particular show.
The big question is, do I give up my
evening in the studio for Lost??????
I know some people can have the tv on
and make art as well, but not me.

What about you?

What is going on in your world?

What are you watching?

Do you challenge yourself?

Do you name the birds in your yard????

1 comment:

miz katie said...

i'm not a fan of lost at all, but my bf is. he watches it online..mostly because he keeps forgetting what night it's on.

so, you can watch it whenever you like, paula. :) don't have to give up studio time for it.