Saturday, December 19, 2009

Paula S In New Mexico

I'm having fun with the Pure Experimentation "Remains of the Day" journal making group. This is my first round, I used some old tie silk and vintage lace that my friend Sandy gifted me. I'm not sure I'm please with it and so I'm off to work on another one today.


Anonymous said...

All the different patterns seems a little busy-ier than your usual work. Perhaps that's the reason why you're unsure? Correct me if I'm off-track.

Paula Scott said...

Oh, that lace ids beautiful!
This looks like fun!

tica said...

Merry Christmas!

traveler one said...

I'm following some of the links on our flickr group and stopped by at your blog. How nice to find your journal photo! It's lovely and you've inspired me to make another cover!