Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Studio Cleanup

It isn't one of those studios you see in the magazine....
how in the world do they ever do anything in such
pristine surroundings?????? I have precious little
time for creativity and use what I do have to make art....
not that there is anything wrong with the
"beautiful studio"
but jeez, I just can't keep it all together as it is !!!!

If you are one of those
"beautiful studio" people,
please tell me
Come to
my house and gussy up this space !!

These shelves are so cool !!!!
My husband is a GOD......


diane said...

Nope, Paula...mine is not perfect either. I aspire to it, but not there yet...especially during my creative times!

lk moonwood said...

I cleaned up my studio last week. As suspected, it looks like a hurricane came through AGAIN! But that's a good thing - it means I got to work on my art. I love this eye painting on the easel...
: ) lulu

Anonymous said...

As long as you have a cleared spot to work and you know where everything is... then you're fine.