Thursday, October 02, 2008


6 x 9
mixed media on board
click on image to enlarge

Well, she's done.
This was a fun one.


miz katie said...

Actually, Paula, you didn't find me through Suzi Blu. I think we've known each other for quite some time. heehee..I'll explain in an email. I'm sure you'll be as amused as I was when I made the discovery.

I've added you to my Google reader. For some reason I thought I had subscribed long ago, but I didn't. gasp! Stupid me! No wonder I was surprised to see you had updated each time I came here. :)

This painting is beautiful. I love how you've done the background, and the details on her dress.

Kim said...

Paula Girl!

She is a real love. Her sassy expression is a little subtle, but it is there. I adore the composition mixed with the bling (and I mean that favorably). She seems so approachable and also so on a pedestal. The colors are also really appealing and beautifully applied. This painting makes great use of modern materials when expressing the elements and principles of art!

She is wonderful!

Paula Scott said...

I love how you brought everything to gether in this image. I also like that her expression is a bit enigmatic. Makes it all the more compelling.

sukipoet said...

Very appealing painting. I like the collaged embellishments and the colors. Sweet. Congrats on selling blue tulips

San said...

That is a beautiful one, Paula. You are able to create such wistful faces.

Gabrielle Nowicki said...

This is a lovely image (all of your work is lovely). The textures work so well here.

Mimi Lenox said...

Here via Maryam. Stunning work. Love it.

Cestandrea said...

She is wonderful. Romantic and fairytale like and strong, with this strong red heart.

Heather said...

She's beautiful! What a pretty girl. Its nice to meet you, good luck with the doll class! I think you'll really enjoy it :)