Sunday, February 08, 2009

Life On The Rio Grande River

This is the scene in the field outside my office window.
Geese.....lots of them.
And beautiful soft grey sandhill cranes....pic to follow one day.
Within walking distance is the Rio Grande River,
home to the largest Cottonwood Tree forest in the world
and habitat for birds, so many birds it would take your breath away.
Many days they make their way over to this field where I and
my co-workers enjoy watching. Of course, they make the
walkways and the parking lot a bit of a mess, but I think
picking my way through their little droppings is well worth
the effort to enjoy them each and every day.

What is your local like? Post a photo of your neighborhood,
then leave a comment and a link back here......I would really
enjoy getting to know you better in this way.

I had a great weekend.

I'm making dolls.......
so far Marcella and Valentina are complete.
I'll post photos when their sisters are ready.

I hope life in your world is as good as mine is and if it
isn't, please accept my hug.

I love you all.


Kim said...

Hello Paula...

I love this photo. How much fun for you to see this each day, uh? I have lived along the Rio Grande, too...and the birds are amazing.

Mmmm, I haven't posted a photo of my neighborhood lately. I have some photos of snows last winter, but we have not had much snow this year. For me, living here is just an east coast neighborhood just outside Washington, DC. have me thinking.

Thanks so much for sharing Paula!

You are well loved here...I can tell you that!

Annie said...

Great photo, I envy you all those birds :-).
Love right back at you.
P.S. You already know what Ranchos looks like

Tammy's Studio said...

Hi Paula,

I just dropped in to give you my support considering the Ning community post/s. I'm glad you spoke up and sorry you got the wolves sicked on you for doing so. I posted on Milliande's forum in support of the "nudity" subject. Keep the faith!