Thursday, January 21, 2010

portrait 3

portrait 3, originally uploaded by Paula S In New Mexico.


Anonymous said...

HI Paula,
such wonderful eyes:)
great portraits,

Anonymous said...

Hi Paula, it's me again, and thanks to your thoughtful comment on my blog I think I know why we like to paint nuns, because they look so pure, so classically beautiful, no?:)
have a wonderful day and oh, yes, the internet's art is fine for me too, look at Hollywood Hilda with a Martini in my appartment:)


Annie said...

I have not visited for a while, but I love all the new and wonderful things you are creating!

Kim said...

Paula, her eyes are so dreamy and her mouth so sensuous! You know, she reminds me of the faces of your dolls...yes, that is just what she reminds me of! You are doing a beautiful job!