Sunday, July 31, 2011

Where are you headed?

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 H. Cordova

It is my pleasure to introduce Mr. Cordova, I first found him at an art show 11 years ago when I had just moved to New Mexico.

What a charming and talented man. His work echoes pre-historic themes, animal shaman figures, clay earth maidens, pueblo-style masks and so much more, it is hard to quantify in just words.  I love each and every piece I see.  Heck, as I told him this weekend, "jeez, I'd be happy with your castoffs"!

This weekend I was so delighted to have once again found Mr. Cordova on the contemporary art avenue at the Spanish Market in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I so interested to also learn that he raises quarter horses.  People take interesting roads through life and I am always fascinated to find such rich diversity and genuine sincerity in people I meet at art shows.  

Love his art. Oh yeah, I already said that didn't I?

I bought a great piece for my home and will post that soon.  In the meantime I'll be thinking of the roads Mr. Cordova walks, the interesting glint of discovery in his smile and continue to visualize what my roads might about you?  Which roads are yours?

Mr. Cordova can also be found online here


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