Saturday, January 08, 2011

highly prized

highly prized, originally uploaded by Paula S In New Mexico.

I've enjoyed seeing all the submission at the Sketchbook Challenge. This isn't much of a "sketch" but she is highly prized none the less.

Get over to the challenge and get with it.

The new year sure is progressing nicely. I've really enjoyed the time with my family.

Weather here:cold

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Wow.  The holidays are finally behind me.  I guess that is a pretty lame excuse for not taking care of myself and eating so poorly (all carbs and sugar).

I'm struggling to keep my head up and my eyes open, so I did what is habit and reached for a chocolate.  I got mid way through it when a little voice in my head SCREACHED !!!!!  'WHAT ARE YOU DOING"...........Yay, for me.  I grabbed a tissue and spit out the chocolate. 

Oh how I want to be healthier.  Eat better. 

No use making resolutions. Those never stick.  I figure everyday is a new day and should be lived that way but often I forget. 

Every minute counts.  I can either make a healthy decision or keep on feeling crummy.