Friday, February 08, 2008


Thinking about art, like I do.........

All of life is art. There is the art of romance, the art of negotiation, the art of fine dining, the art of simply living.

This coming week I will manage a fairly large project (for me it is large). The company I work for is having new carpet installed in the office. Big project you say? Well it means moving 25+ employees out of their cubicles, taking down those cubicles, laying the carpet and then putting it all back but in a new configuration. Oh my gosh, electricians, data drop and phone technicians, movers, carpet layers, the guys who take care of the cubicle build. And then thee are the employees. Everyone has so much stuff and it all has to go in boxes. Just the computers, copiers, printers, phones, keyboards and incidental equipment is mind numbing. We are a 24/7 type business so our customers need product and service at all times................yes, life is an art.

So for the next week, or so, I'll be practicing a different kind of art from that which I post about here. I'm going to focus on this as art, I'm going to look at this in a different way than one might expect and see what bubbles up.

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blueVicar said...

That's when we really see, I think, when we can look at something that we know and see something new.

Your next days should be'll just have to figure out how!

Meilleurs voeux!!