Tuesday, February 12, 2008


acrylic and paper on gallery wrap canvas
17 x 20

I once had a great old cat named Rocky. He was a stray found by some friends and he came home with me. He was a great hunter. Pretty independent. Rocky was a good guy.


Cestandrea said...

Hiiiii Paula, how nice to meet you! And Rocky is awfully handsome. Great painting!

Cestandrea said...

Paula, Congratulations you won the Eiffeltower Earrings:)and a little miss doodle painting. I'm very happy for you! Can you email me at cestandrea@gmail.com and please delete the address here on your blog so that we can avoid spam.

Molly said...

Hi Paula,
I've wanted to email you, and will soon. I'm not a person of few words, so this is not the place! Nice to hear from you. I've browsed your sites and am intrigued. First I have to say that when I was reading your profile, and saw Ahab's Wife, I had an aha moment. That's one of my favorite books too! And up near the top. oops, forgot, I'll have to add that to my profile too. I loved that book! Sometimes my memory only grabs what's within reach. More soon. Thanks for the note, Molly