Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day #2 - Spirit House Shrines

Spirit House Love

I have a thing for these treasures.

What about you?

Seems appropriate for this time of year.

Thanks to Deryn for the nest tutorial...
I think it looks nice here.

I'm never sure if these photos are any good
I have a terrible computer
screen so it never looks right.

Click on the images to
get an up close and personal
view of the art.


bruniinha' said...

heey, i really love it!

Leau said...

these are lovely! how can the museum resist? smooches

miz katie said...

the first one really speaks to me. very lovely. the words, and the nest..go so well together. both pieces are beautiful.

i think if i moved to nm, we would be good friends, also. unfortunately, i don't see that anywhere in the cards being dealt me. dammit! thank goodness for the internet, is all i gotta say. :)

annie said...

I love them both, what is the frame made of? They are beautiful.

Deryn Mentock said...

Lovely little nest! Your sisters are beautiful, as well.