Saturday, April 18, 2009


The further adventures of Audrey the Studio Assistant
AKA "stinker cat".

Check out the painting behind her....I made these to
use as portfolio covers.....


Denise S. said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Paula,
Happy Happy Birthday.
The "eyes" have it. (wink)

miz katie said...

woohoo! happy dance. :)

i LOVE your eyes.

misty said...

i love the look on her face!!!
love the paintings, too!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, a little bit late, hope it was wonderful!!!!!

miz katie said...

the way i get my blog posts on fb is through twitter. when i hit publish, it goes to twitter, from twitter to fb. i can't tell you the amount of time it saves.

it's a.. oh..what's it called? plugin!! called twitter tools. but, i'm using wordpress, not blogger. i don't know if you can find something like it or not.

ha..yeah. i never watch tv at night because it's a waste of time. i don't really watch it during the day, either. just once in a while on wkends or if i need to take a nap. puts me right to sleep. heh! :)

Cestandrea said...

Such a beauty, the paintings and the cat, wow, this looks gorgeous. The eyes are wonderful,

Annie said...

Love that cat, and the paintings are pretty great too.

Paula Scott said...

Waay cool covers!
Sinker cat? She looks like the 'helper kitty' to me!

Paula Scott said...

P.S. (your initials and mine!)
Happy Birthday!!!

miz katie said...

Thank you, Paula! :) It's an old photo of Emma from a couple years ago. I enjoyed playing with it in PS.

I am going to conquer that damn bathroom today. I swear!! I am worn out, and have had a migraine for the past couple days. The paint fumes, spring & overload of pollen, and my messed up neck&back were all contributing, I'm sure. Haven't got much done. Got the headache to subside yesterday, but then got sick from the medication. Figures! sigh. Today, I figure I'll get moving before the migraine kicks back in. I have a feeling it's going to. I'm in one of those clusters, it seems. gah!

What are you up to? Have you heard any news about the gallery? Have you been able to get a little studio time in during the week hours?

amy said...

Love the eyes and how they are kind of watching you!

Anonymous said...