Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Studio Assistant

Meet Audrey,
my studio assistant

She likes to chew on my
brushes, I wish she'd wash


Annie said...

Audery is a cutie. I have a few studio assistants myself :-).

Anonymous said...

We had a B&W cat when I was young. Her name was "Bitty Patch"... like Audrey, she had a tiny patch of black on her nose.

miz katie said...

Love her markings, and this picture. Cats love to hide, don't they? Izzie will stick her head under the couch, and think she's invisible to all. It is sooo funny. :)

Cestandrea said...

Sooooooo very cute. Thanks for sharing this pictures, she's really beautiful. Love this dot on her nouse, reminds me the cat I lost 2 years ago, Elwing...
Say hello to Audrey, a smack on her wet little nose,