Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kittie Art, Life In My Pantry & Misc

This is one of my favortie mixed media pieces.
I love the kittie.....the heart....the halo..
goes without saying, but hey....
it is for sale $250
email or comment for details.
I'd love you to have it !!!!

My tribute to all of those kitties
who have passed on
to kittie heaven.

Many of us have had a treasured pet
who died and don't they just seem
to remain in our memories
as sweet angels?

I've got a real live one who is roaming
the house this morning just itching
to get into trouble.....

I'm busy today working on "Patience".
I don't know where she'll go just yet...
she's holding a kittie and the jury is
still out on that as well.

I'm also working on some dolls.
Very soon I'll put up images of
Cleo and Esther. I've been making
dolls by forming paperclay over
armatures of various things, paper cups,
huge masses of papertowels all taped
together, you name it. I'm learning from Jane
over at Gritty Jane's Studio today.....she's got
a fresh take on the paperclay thing and I
think I'm going to like it.

Yesterday was supposed to be all about art....
I got distracted by a dirty kitchen and the
next thing I knew I was scrubbing, cleaning
the pantry......yikes, so much for keeping a focus!
And to make matters worse, the toaster oven looked
like it had never been cleaned (trust me I'm a neat freak).
I've had that toaster oven for a long time so I don't
feel bad telling you that I dumped it in the trash bin.
(I think that was a menopause moment)
Got a great deal on a new toaster oven at Sam's.

So here we are, Sunday. It is a bright new day and
by hook or by crook (what does that MEAN anyway????),
I'm making ART !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great day. Leave a comment, drop me a line,
it'll do your soul a world of good and my husband will
be thrilled that I'm back on focus and he's off the
hook helping clean the pantry !!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

Cestandrea said...

This is a beautiful painting, Paula, and I hope it will find a good new home. I love the background with the almost invisible but present graphic elements, bits of newspaper etc. And it's shining surface!
Good luck for the sale!