Friday, August 27, 2010


Hey there everyone.  I've been painting.  Wow, have I been painting.  With my kids here I've lost my studio to them.  Poor things, I couldn't exactly make them camp in the backyard.  And I thought not having a studio would put a dent in my art.  No way.  If anything I'm feeling more productive.  Go figure.  I tell you what, when they find a place and move out, I will be seriously questioning just how much of the "stuff" I'm really going to keep. 

This painting was started and then I got sort of stuck.  Chris Cozen gave me some encouragement and wa-la, this is the end result.

I really like it and your comments and/or suggestions are appreciated.

14 x 14 gallery wrap canvas - mixed media


Kim said...

Oh Paula, this is fabulous. It looks like such a "birthing" though you have found some seeds in your work and are nurturing them. I love this so much. The softness and the comfort are both there. I just want to crawl inside this one with the blue and green and get all comfey! I also feel so much grounding, but the blues and greens scream exploration and freedom to me, too. Great Work! I can see why you are pleased with it. You should be! It is wonderful.

It sounds as though you have a lot of inspiration there with little ones and all kinds of family there to cheer you on! I applaud you getting work done with so much activity around you. I am not so good with that...

It is good to hear from you again, Paula! Truly wonderful art to be found here.

chewy said...

Delicate and soft. Seeds or pearls... Pearl Seeds!