Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why does every artist statement have to have this looooooooonnnnngggg drawn out philosophy on the meaning of life and how art has transformed, communicated, placated and practically created a cure for cancer?  Well, maybe not ALL artist statements but many of them.  Jeez, by the time I'm to the end of that run on sentence turned monologue I can't even remember why I'm reading the danged thing in the first place.

I'd like my artist's statement to read, "hi folks, I like to paint, I hope you like what I paint, please buy my paintings".

Am I seriously thwarting my chances in the art world if I don't use some, deep, fancy, schamcy artist statement?

And Hey, did you notice there is no image with this?  Well, Iris (grand daughter) wants some water in her kiddie pool so you folks are going to have to just imagine an image while I go out and fill the pool. Hey, a girl's gotta do.....................................

Just a few thoughts for a quiet Sunday afternoon..................just sayin'........................................

Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm A Wannabe


Hey there everyone.  I've been painting.  Wow, have I been painting.  With my kids here I've lost my studio to them.  Poor things, I couldn't exactly make them camp in the backyard.  And I thought not having a studio would put a dent in my art.  No way.  If anything I'm feeling more productive.  Go figure.  I tell you what, when they find a place and move out, I will be seriously questioning just how much of the "stuff" I'm really going to keep. 

This painting was started and then I got sort of stuck.  Chris Cozen gave me some encouragement and wa-la, this is the end result.

I really like it and your comments and/or suggestions are appreciated.

14 x 14 gallery wrap canvas - mixed media

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


There is nothing as wonderful as a five year old building tents in the living room.

Or watching a five year old fly around the backyard using her princess dress for a cape.

And finally, waving goodbye as they drive off to "the ice cream social/meet the teacher" for the very first time.

Yep.  This is a summer I will never forget.

Friday, August 06, 2010


It has been a crazy wild summer.......more than I ever dreamed of......

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