Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dumping a painting???? Do you ever???


I did a life changing thing the other day.

I looked long and hard at a painting I'd been working on.  Decided (finally) that no matter what I did, I would never be happy with it. 

So I picked  up the paint and did an a'la Jackson Pollock on it.  Covered it all over.  Came back the next morning and discovered I really liked what I did and saw so much possibility, different things I could do to was an


I have never been the type to put a canvas aside and come back months later to finally figure out what it needs.  Basically I start a painting and stay with it until I'm satisfied that it is finished.  But this radical move was new territory for me and it was refreshing!!!!! 

Tell me about your processes? 


Linda said...

Great results for you! A few months ago I had a piece I was EXTREMELY unhappy with. Put it aside, nearly covered it all with different technique. Turned out to be one of my favorite pieces so far! Not only that, but it has gotten rave reviews from family and friends. Sometimes we just need a different perspective, don't we?

Bren said...

I do this quite often as I find I often need distance before my mind will come up with what needs to happen next. Course I've always been a slow learner, so it stands to reason my art needs the breathing room before I can get it to that done stage. Glad you are enjoying this new approach :-)