Tuesday, May 20, 2008

acrylic and pen on bristol
4 x 6 postcard - 2007

Sometimes you've just got to fly.

I can't imagine a world without birds, can you? I live in a very arid part of the country however my immediate neighborhood is a bit of an oasis and the birds are abundant.

Once again this year we have a Barn Swallow couple getting things ready for their new family. Hummingbirds are checking out the yard and sipping at the feeder since there aren't an abundance of flowers just yet. The Rosy Finch guys sit on top of the hummingbird feeder, looking perplexed and asking one another how to get to that juicy red nectar.

Summer is upon us. 91 degrees here today.

Get out and get some fresh air and sunshine !!!


Kim said...

Birds are very important to our environment and you can tell the health of yours by the wildlife which visit you...that I love to see. :)

This is a great little piece you have done here. It is as though the bird is sitting on a fence. Yes? The combination of ink and acrylic works well, don't you think?

91 and dry! That I like...91 and humid...not so good!

Thanks Paula!


Annie said...

I love the postcard painting. I could not agree more. I love birds so much and they always bring me joy.

Ken said...

I agree, Bird a great. We have so many different types bird around our house. We even had a nest on the front door and got to watch the babies from egg until they left teh nest. Very cool.

Linda said...

We have birds here too but no hummingbirds. Lots of swallows in the evening and two large unidentified birds down below us. Oh, and cuckoos.

Cestandrea said...

Such vibrancy here, I'm vibrating while I look at this:) love the colours