Friday, May 16, 2008


African Violets next to my studio worktable.
Paula ~ New Mexico ~ May 2008

They say it is good to have fresh flowers and/or plants near your workspace. At least I think I heard that some where once......hmmmmmmmm.

Well anyway, 31 years ago I had beautiful African Violets in my new little baby boy's bedroom. That was where the light was best and I was happiest.

I'd not had them again until just this past year.
Why did I wait so long? A very long story.

These are simply beautiful and bring me such joy when I'm at my work table. Just outside the window is what promises to be a bumper crop of Roma tomatoes........hopefully destined to be the best pizza sauce to ever occupy my happy little freezer. I make killer pizza and we love that sauce.

Guess I'm having a bit of a rambling sort of day. It is Friday and I'm thrilled the weekend is here.

We've had a couple of cool rainy days. Just before it rained I'd been out in the garden feeding all my little flower babies. With sunny days this weekend, I'm guessing my garden is going to kick into full speed ahead growing. Thrilling !!!!!!!!

I've more new art to post so check back next week for that.

In the meantime, drop me a comment. I'd love to hear about what's going on in your neck of the woods.


Kim said...

Hi Paula, we are cloudy and cool here today, too...I don't mind, the heat and humidity will come soon enough for me!

My grandmother had beautiful African Violets like these. I loved to go in and see the little blooms and she would talk about each one to me. They were in sunny windows in her living room and dining room. I had forgotten all about them until you reminded me. I haven't seen African Violets lately. Wonder why?

I look forward to all of your posts, Paula.

Thanks so much!

Linda said...

I'm with my son waiting for the arrival of another grandson. He just doesn't want to get born. It is pouring rain here in Switzerland but not cold.

Annie said...

Overcast here in Taos, just rained a little. Love the flowers!

katie said...

Oh, beautiful! I've never had any luck with African Violets. I'm a horrible gardener.

You must send me your pizza sauce recipe. Please? :) I'm always trying new ones, but don't have a favorite..yet.