Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Paula's Photo
New Mexico - 2008

I'm 55 years old. More and more these days I find myself reflecting on "the road". What lies in store for me over the coming years. I don't feel older but I sure see it staring back at me in the bathroom mirror. I'm not prepared for retirement. Don't want to end up a "bag lady" out on the street collecting odds and ends, living moment to moment. In the end we all arrive at the same gateway. I guess it's not so much how we got there that matters, but I sure do think about it alot more than I did in previous years.


longjonblu said...

Just about everything we see-touch-taste is art in New Mexico. From the Sandias to Taos-Las Cruces and thousands of things in between. I can't wait to return to this wonderful art gallery called Nuevo Mexico. Nice blog.

Kim said...

First of all, Paula, this photograph is fabulous. I love it...even as a stand-alone it is wonderful.

You know I am just behind you in age and totally understand what you are saying. But don't you think the most wonderful thing is to keep living the full life no matter what the calendar says? I do. The heck with that darn mirror! It means not a single thing about life and that is what is most important!

Thanks, Paula, for this lovely, lovely post.

Annie said...

Paula, I am a few years younger than you and I am right there with you. Sometimes I get in a huge panic about it as I have NO retirement saved at all. But then I remember to trust in life and that all will always work out as it always has :-).

Linda said...

I worry too. I used to feel much younger than my age but lately my body is starting to feel older here and there and it takes longer to recover from physical activity such as laboring in the garden. Just got to keep on goin'.


I'm hearing you on all counts here,,,and relating,,,,,even more so, as I am older yet.
It's not the mirror that bothers me so much as does the eyesight, the 'can't do this anymores',,,,all those things that come with age. I'm trying to remember that life is what we make of it,,,,and that all we have is today anyway.
The serenity in the photo you posted is glorious,,,may we feel that today & everyday. Love your blog Paula,,,and your art is really fun!

Cestandrea said...

Hi Paula, I love this picture and your thoughtful and wise words about the "road",

Lynn said...

To me you are still a very young woman! It's all relative, this age thing. Your road is hopefully paved with many more wonderful adventures. Get ready for another decade and another that just get better and better after fify.
(one who knows)