Thursday, September 04, 2008


I am spending more and more time making art.

Sometimes it can be difficult because I still have a day job.

I come home around 5pm and enjoy the garden for about 30
minutes. Then dinner is ready. After that I have a couple of
hours for studio time. If I don't get into bed by 8:30 I'll be
in a comma the whole next day.....head bobbing at my desk.

Generally when I have lunch (still at my desk) I surf blogs
and other art related sites.

But the remainder of my day here at the "Job" is spent really
thinking to myself about ART.

This balancing act of art and the day job is difficult.

Today I came across Jesse Reno, this guy is refreshing, and
I so want to be in that space of making art......I loved his video.

Treat yourself and visit Jesse Reno, see the video. Be inspired.


Cestandrea said...

oh Paula, I know what you are talking about. And I know that your art will make your way free for more art:)The more you paint, the more canvases you have and then you can exhibit them! I love your paintings!

andrea said...

I love that you have such a full art life away from the dreaded day job. Keep going, your work is coming along beautifully!

xo the OTHER Andrea

Annie said...

I can or should I say I did relate, having quit my job 2 weeks ago I have been blessed with doing art all day long, everyday for 2 weeks, heaven on earth :-).