Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The human heart has hidden treasures,

in secret kept,

in silence sealed,

the thoughts,

the hopes,

the dreams,

the pleasures,

whose charms are broken

if revealed."

Charlotte Bronte


Kim said...

Beautifully said! It takes a lot of digging to get to those secrets.

Thank you Charlotte and Thank you, Paula!

Linda said...

Isn't that a great quote? So much there.

San said...

Beautiful, wise words. Thank you for reminding us, Paula.

Annie said...

Wonderful, thank you for sharing.

Cestandrea said...

I love this, such beautiful words and like a song too:)
And it speaks to the secrets I keep:)
Have a wonderful day

sukipoet said...

Those Bronte sisters were marvels, werent they? Thanks for finding this. NOw, do you read Charlotte's poetry or was this from a novel?