Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hello??? Is Anyone Out There????

Are you an artist like me?

Do you sometimes wonder if you walk the
planet all alone?

What are your insecurities?

Are you afraid of becoming one of those ladies
doing craft shows on Saturday morning PBS?

What about when someone says of your art
"CUTE" ~ are you flattered or does your inner critic
scream "OMG !!!! SEE I TOLD YOU !!!!"

I am interested in your creative process, what
gets you going, what shuts you down.

Have you always created in the same style and theme?
Or have have you moved around and how have either
of those modes affected your artistic and creative life?

Please..........................*small voice, quivering* tell me what's
on your mind.


Kim said...

Ohh Paula, this is an excellent post to be sure. Let me see if I can answer some of your questions...and no need to have a small, quivering voice...really.

I don't think I specifically walk the planet alone. Although I am very much an introvert and my life is so very different from many (in that we move our home a lot). I think, however, if it were not for the WWW I would feel terribly alone in many ways. I recognize I see this world in a way many do not, but that doesn't bother me all that much.

My insecurities are cards I play closer to my chest than my art. I also had a lot more insecurities when I was younger...of course it also depends on the day, too. For example, we took a HUGE risk and homeschooled our children. We didn't have support from our family (actually they didn't think much of that idea at all), but because of my husband's employment we thought this would mean a more consistent education for them. It worked out wonderful for us and our children are both doing well. But while we were going through that I had times of questioning and constant times of explaining why and why not.

As far as my I don't worry about ending up like one of those Saturday Morning Craft Types, because I have choices I can make about that. With my art, I am in control. And you know what has given me confidence? Blogging! Without a doubt, art bloggers have helped me to realize and embrace my own style. And that what one person is drawn to and what someone else is drawn to really has nothing to do with the art I create. And sometimes when someone says something like "cute" (which I probably said about one of your wonderful ladies), I am not sure it means "cute" as a cut, but it is similar to calling a woman "Sweetie" can be a habit, but nothing negative is meant by it. To some women it can be sexist and condescending and to others it is a term often used with someone who stands out a bit from the crowd.

Now what gets me going...visiting art supply shops, blogging, nature, traveling, reading and viewing other art. What gets me down? Too many other things going on in my life, things needing sequential and completely logical thought processes. That is what really gets me down...and having to stop when I am on a roll.

These are good questions. My guess is you are going to get a lot of feedback here. You are a good artist...believe that! And you know what? If you enjoy making it, that is the greatest compliment!


- A - C - said...

Although I am far from considering myself an artist (and looking at your work here I don't even qualify for a comment), anyway, these are very interesting questions. I'm afraid I don't have the answers, I can only guess some.
What gets me going... hmm.. maybe simply letting go. I found out that observation for long enough time with open mind generally triggers a connection. But sometimes it just happens.

Conversely, if I think I have something to say and try to write it down, I often end up twisted and confused. This happens with photography too.

have a nice day :-)

P.S. the blue Santa Fe eggplants are beautiful!

Annie said...

A friend once called my work "nice", oh, I hated that so much :-). I was painting cute dogs and cats at the time, no one has called my recent work "nice" thank God :-).
What gets me going most, is nature
and the materials I use. I am inspired by other artists, living and dead.
My work changes about every year or two. I am always following my muse, I never get stuck in a place where new things are not constantly coming for me to try out.
Great post.

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Hi, Your questions are great and I've enjoyed reading the answers as well...I'm new to your blog and will be visiting often! Do I feel all alone on the Planet? Yes and no...I'm just old enough to know staying authentic, true to my spirit requires alone time but I know there is a small population out there, like me and we are scanning the horizon looking for one another...dear frineds...ducks from the same pond. I've kept a journal for years so writing is helpful, exploring a series, I like research as mythology, geology and how it informs the images. I like brainstorming with friends on subjects to clear my head and I like ritual. My style changes yet I can tell my work a mile line, the way I mix's a thumbprint. Just started a new series and it's slow going but I've promised my self to keep at it, maybe go deeper, wish me luck. Those remarks about "cute" "hobby" are not our ducks...and it's just a tip off?!
Mary Ann

Paula Scott said...

Hi Paula! I'm Paula too and live in New Mexico (how about that?).
Insecurities? They abound. Even I question my credibility as an artist. I keep looking over my shoulder thinking that someone is going to call me an imposter.
Feeling alone on this planet? Too often. My favorite 'quote' to get me through this perception is "You are not alone; the journey makes us one." It's from a Psalm but I don't know which one.
My husband's descriptor for much of my work: "that's nice". At least he doesn't use cute. My son is a better critiquer of my work.
Should it matter what others think of our work? I grapple with that one.
And what exactly is fine art anyway???

Anonymous said...

I think that people who aren't educated in the arts don't mean anything disrespectful with comments like "nice" or "cute". I think your some of your style has a primitive country feel to it. (Which I really like) The reason I feel this way is partly because of your subject matter like the chickens, birds and your use of texture and flat shapes.

I have tried different styles of painting. Presently I am trying to stick to one particular style so I can fully learn technique and understand my vision as I proceed from one to the next.

Gabrielle Nowicki said...

1) Yes
2) Yes
3) Mostly fear of going off on some way out tangent in my art, alienating everyone and not being able to get back to where I was once I realized I was off on the tangent.
4) No, I would go off on one those tangents from answer 3)
5) I don't get "cute" as a comment much.

It's funny you asking about always creating in the same style or theme, because I really do. It evolves but it's still there.

I still think many of the things are cool that I thought were when growing up and I like to include them in my imagery. It's like they were hard wired within me.

I still love those metallic koolaid colours bikes came in during the late sixties, I still secretly think are the most beautifulest and swankest ;o) Ditto for coloured pieces of foil from easter eggs, stuff like that.